Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When an Old Person Dies, A Library Burns Down

This is a famous saying that rings true to me every time I learn of the passing of one of my older clients. And I find it especially applicable to World War II veterans. Last night I saw the documentary, "Bedford, The Town They Left Behind" which is about a small town in Virginia which lost 19 in the D-Day Invasion. It was a poignant portrayal of how the town dealt with such a devastating loss. The interviews of the survivors reminded me of the many World War II veterans I have interviewed. Their stories were modestly told but the events they spoke of affected the lives of millions and were things they were still coming to terms with 65 years later. Their accounts also show important it is to get the stories of these men preserved for the sake of both history and their families. Three of those interviewed in the film had passed away before it was even released.
--Bridget Poizner

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