Saturday, November 28, 2009

Recording Family Stories: Let the kids do all the asking.

Children ask a lot of questions.

"Is the Tooth Fairy related to Santa Claus?"
"Is your hair really white under the black, like Mom says it is?"
"Can we return the baby in exchange for a puppy?"
"Can we have Thanksgiving everyday?"

And questions are paramount for a Video Biography interview.

So... put two and two together and this holiday season, try a fun experiment. Gather all the children in the family and have them 'interview' the Grandparents on video! It will be entertaining... and educational. Not only will the children gain a sense of accomplishment being in charge of the whole project, but they will also learn more about the elders in the family. And not just the 'boring' stuff! No, it's their opportunity to discover that Grandma and Grandpa were once 'real' people just like them... to hear their crazy adventures and experiments, and to establish their own special bond with their Grandparents.

The best part is that you'll have that candid video to cherish for years to come. Even after the children grow up and have children of their own. Even after Grandma and Grandpa begin to forget parts of their own stories. Even after your memories of the event begin to get blurry... the video shall stand witness to a fun afternoon of getting to 'know' each other better.

"Why haven't we done this earlier?" Just be prepared for that one!



deepti said...

such an amazing way to cherish old memories. I would suggest my kids to do the same..

Aditi Worcester said...

I'm glad to hear that, Deepti. It's a simple project. Just make sure the kids do it - I know how sometimes everything else can seem more important than a conversation. And it's only later, in hindsight, do you wish that the conversation had really taken place. All the best!

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