Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Looking backwards can only do so much.

I recently wrote about the need to look at the present when it comes to Genealogy.
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Too often when it comes to preserving family history, our instinct is to focus on the stories of our ancestors... my question today is, 'What about you?' What about your story and the people you have touched in the journey you call your life?

One day, you will be on someone's family tree and what a valuable legacy it would be for them to have more than your face and date of birth to know you by.


Deason Hunt said...

Hi, I popped over here on your suggestion in the comment on my talking roots: hoodlum wagon. I discovered I had just recently read one of your posts (on Genealogywise?. It was this one. We are in perfect agreement on this idea. I am trying to write the kind of things here I wish my ancestors had been writing down the last few centuries. I kept putting this off, and decided one day that life was too short to wait on something this important. (and thanks for your kind words).

Aditi said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! And I meant it about the hoodlum wagon story - I found it very insightful, and at the same time it motivates you to spur into action. I'm now looking forward to your next post!

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